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10 Nov

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What’s in it for you? Learn what the difference is between ‘Top Content’ and ‘Top Landing Pages’ and how to get the RIGHT reports in Google Analytics.

What is the difference?

Top Content:

My definition: Which pages on your site are getting how many pageviews.

So what? It shows you which pages are popular and which are not.

How do I find it in Google Analytics?

Top Landing Pages:

My definition: Pages users directly come into on your site. In more simple talk – the first page a user sees on your site. So it won’t necessarily show you all the pages on your site if there are some pages that people aren’t coming directly into.

So what? Shows you which pages you should focus on testing & improving.

Reality is, as you start to generate more traffic, users are going to start coming into your site besides the homepage.

Think of it as your home and your front door entrance.

As you start to build close friends, maybe they’ll start coming in through your side entrance, back entrance, or maybe even the garage door entrance. Same thing with your site. The more users that start coming to your site, the more likely you’ll get users entering your site not through the homepage.

If you start to realize that your garage door entrance is the most popular entrance for your friends, you’ll want to clean the garage up or put a beer fridge next to it for added welcome points!

Same thing with your Top Landing Pages report. Find out which pages users are coming into your site on and optimize.

How do I find it in Google Analytics?

#1) Quick & easy way:

It’s easy to get the report. The problem… it only gives you this much!

#2) The better way. Although it’s a few more steps, once it’s setup, you’re good to go:

Drag and drop. Select the ‘Landing Page’ and then drop any metrics you like. Some of my top recommendations are ‘entrances,’ ‘bounces,’ and ‘goals.’

So there you have it. “Top Content” shows popularity of┬ápages versus “Top Landing Pages” focuses on the ‘first’ page a user sees coming into your site. Although it may seem similar, “Top Landing Pages” will give you more insight into how to increase that first impression on the popular entry pages.

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