7 Keys To Building A Kick-Ass Optimization Culture

30 Mar

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What you will get out this post: get a high-level perspective of what it takes to build a kick-ass optimization culture in your organization.

This blog series is based on my presentation at the Web Analytics Wednesday hosted by Brooks Bell on 3/28/2012.

In my humble opinion, the reason companies keep hitting a brick wall on their optimization initiatives fundamentally comes down to culture. The tools out there are in most part being underutilized – regardless of if it’s the top enterprise testing tool like Test&Target. There are many other great platforms out there. However, if you don’t have the right optimization culture, you are not getting the most out of testing. I believe if optimization teams can embrace the 7 building blocks I mention below, they will find themselves more successful. I will go into detail about each one of the 7 building blocks in future posts and give you the reasons and examples of why I believe in these 7.

For now, here are the 7 building blocks to building a kick-ass optimization culture:

  • Believe – everyone involved needs to believe in the power and value testing and optimization can deliver to the bottom line for your organization.
  • Killer Process – to scale, be effective and efficient, your optimization program needs to have a great process.
  • Different Skills – in order to have a fast moving and effective optimization program, it is extremely valuable to have analysts, marketers, creatives, and IT/developers on the optimization team.
  • One Roof – many great ideas, insights, and analysis happen spontaneously outside of formal meeting settings, collaborative software, or over email/IM.
  • Disagree – without having disagreements with others on the team over test ideas and strategies, you will end up leaving a lot on the table.
  • Internal KPIs – just like all other departments have their KPIs – sales, orders, AOV, etc, your optimization group should have KPIs to track success of all the campaigns you run.
  • Live & Breath Testing – it’s a good sign when members make cheesy a/b testing jokes like ‘we should test these different coffee beans’, celebrate and share campaign successes.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a company laser focused on just testing & optimization. Over the years, I have witnessed and learned from the highs and lows of what it takes to build a great optimization culture within an organization.  In this digital world, it’s truly a challenging, fun, and humbling space to be in.


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