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8 May

(My original post is below that describes the exam). I finally got my ACE Kit from Adobe. Very similar to the Omniture Kit I got for SiteCatalyst, the only difference is the logo. Same shirt, picture frame, mints, and business card holder. Again, a very nice gesture and appreciation for becoming accredited in the Adobe product.

Here’s the pics. This time they sent me a Mens shirt instead of a Womens.. so that was nice. Thanks Amberly!


—— Original Post ——

I recently took the Adobe Test&Target certification exam. I think it’s a better test than SiteCatalyst’s certification exam. The Test&Target exam had a good balance of testing the understanding of the tool and the basic knowledge of testing.

My recommendations:


  • Take the 3 day Power User Training course – had Joaquin as the instructor and he was great
  • Go through some of the online videos – especially the OnSite one
  • Thoroughly study the workbook
  • Understand the high level concepts and strategies of testing and optimization
  • Know how to create campaigns from scratch starting with lazy loading mboxes and understanding the basic differences of each campaign types
  • Know campaign life cycle, segments, parameters, targeting, reporting and analysis, success metrics, steps, MVT, Onsite basics, Ad Testing, and some of the additional features.

Although “old” in terms of testing tools out there, I still feel that Test&Target is the most powerful tool out there if used to its potential. The depth of segmentation, targeting, and the integration with SiteCatalyst make it standout amongst the rest – especially for those that already are using SiteCatalyst.

The exam is fair and makes certain you know the basics of Test&Target. It’s 75 questions long, so make sure you get your coffee and concentrate throughout.

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