Believe: Building A Kick-Ass Optimization Culture

19 Jul

This builds on an older post on the building blocks to a kick-ass optimization culture.

Just like anything else in life, to persist and be great, you and the team have to believe – in your own abilities and what you are doing is valuable.

Without believing, it is too easy to give up or perform at a ‘good enough’ level. There still are moments in my work that I have doubts my optimization efforts are making a positive difference. Test results sometimes are flat, lose or unexpectedly have issues forcing a correction and relaunch.

Believe in your own abilities.
How? Test, test, and test. You can read books and blogs, but until you win, lose, screw up, learn and repeat, you will not become good at testing and optimization. It’s taken me years to get to a point where I believe in my ability to consistently formulate a good optimization strategy and lead teams – well enough that they believe in their own abilities.

Believe in the value of testing.
How? Get the big wins and insights. Compare the lifts and bottom line value to the business. To drive home the lift, push all traffic to the new winner and monitor the funnel you tested. Do you see the average conversion rate trend rise? There are many other factors to consider like seasonal effects, outside marketing efforts, etc, that can influence the funnel. However, you should see an overall positive upward swing in trend if you indeed had a big lift. If you feel like you just uncovered a great insight, such as competitor feature comparison is more effective than user testimonials, try it out in other marketing vehicles like email. Try an A/B test with the new insight and see if it works!

In my humble opinion, believing is one of the seven building blocks to building a great optimization/testing culture in your organization.

In conclusion, the more you test and optimize, the more you will believe in your own abilities and the value optimization brings to the bottom line of your business.

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